Testimonials for Toronto Hoopstars Basketball


What are people saying about Toronto Hoopstars?

Dedicated, passionate, knowledgeable.  Coach Adam displayed these qualities throughout the year as he coached our daughter’s rep basketball team. 

We’ve known him as a parent of a basketball house league program for 2 years, and this year he took on the (voluntary) role as head coach for our daughter’s rep team.  Countless hours and tremendous efforts went into each of his practices and games.  He did an outstanding job challenging the girls to do their best, had high expectations from each of them, but most importantly, instilled the love of basketball in every player. 

Coach Adam has the ability to combine his in-depth knowledge of basketball along with his excellent playing skills to motivate the kids.  His focus and emphasis on skills development enabled every player to experience success in the game.We would highly recommend coach Adam to any young basketball player who is looking to further develop their skills in basketball.

Cora and Elton S.

Coach Adam has done a wonderful job developing my 9 year old daughter in Novice basketball.  He has a style and temperament ideal for developing young athletes.  Calm, firm, knowledgeable, experienced, and able to keep the kids enthusiastic and engaged.  He has a good sense of how to push kids out of their comfort zone to further excel in their development.  Young athletes will build a solid foundation with Coach Adam's instruction, and will be able to build on that foundation for years to come.

Todd C.

Coach Adam has been the coach of my daughter's rep basketball team for the past year. He has the ability to bring out the best in his players. Coach Adam's work ethic and coaching style, push his players to reach their full potential, while having fun during the process. His extensive background in basketball allows him to transfer his experience to his players in a professional, motivating and supportive manner. 

Sanford N.

Adam is a great basketball coach not to mention a very personable individual.  His passion for basketball is apparent through his dedication and tireless effort of time and energy being poured into his training. 

Adam coaches our 10 year old daughter’s rep basketball team and we cannot thank him enough for the work he has done with our daughter.  We can honestly say we’ve seen a great improvement in her skills, confidence and understanding of the game.  Teaching young kids the fundamentals at an early age is critical to their long-term development.   He cares about player improvement and getting players to work hard to be their best.  He brings great energy each and every time he is in the gym.  We have the utmost confidence in his knowledge base, his teaching methods and genuine concern for the welfare of young people.  

We highly recommend Adam to anyone that is wanting to up their game, increase their basketball skills and is aspiring to reach the next level.

Thanks Coach Adam.  We wanted to tell you personally what a fantastic job we think you are doing.  Thank you for all you do to make a difference in the lives of kids (and parents). You make it fun and our daughter is inspired to be a better player.  Keep up the good work! 

Helen and Jim L.

I have worked with Coach Adam as an Assistant Coach and I can say that I have not met a more dedicated, hardworking and organized coach. Coach Adam is not only knowledgeable about the game of basketball, but he is always willing to share his knowledge with his coaches and players. I have personally seen many players' skills, confidence and maturity grow under his guidance. 

FL Yeh

Over the 2016/2017 basketball season, Adam has done an exceptional job in coaching my daughter and her peers, with a locked-in focus on fundamentals. He spends countless hours planning detailed practice agendas, breaking down the key components of each desired player action, to ensure everyone has a true understanding of what's required to succeed in the game of basketball.  Although we are a Division 1 team, winning was simply a byproduct of the effort the team put into each practice.  Adam's background as a competitive player has afforded him the ability to speak to the team, thru a player's lens.  I've been his assistant coach throughout the past season and I have a high level of trust that practice time will be spent on custom player development, while always having fun.

Matt F.

Coach Adam has done a tremendous job igniting the passion of the game in our daughter while displaying the calmness and patience of a true professional.   He helped her develop crucial leadership traits and fundamental basketball skills throughout the season while ensuring top level performance at every game. More importantly, he made sure the kids had fun while teaching them to play the game with good sportsmanship and attitude. When he took on the role of coach for our daughter's team, he assembled a team of girls from all different skill sets.  He developed them into a first rate, fierce team of girls who love the game and never gave up.  Adam's focus throughout the year was on development.   His passion and dedication to coaching these young girls became evident with the Team's success.  We never imagined at the beginning of the season that a group of 6 Grade 3 and 7 Grade 4 girls would become a force to be reckoned with in the OBA's Under 10 Division 1.  It was truly a pleasure to watch him coach all year, taking our daughter and her teammates to the next level.  Coach Adam is a first rate instructor and coach!  

Chris and Lena P.

I would like to say a really big thank you to Coach Adam.  My son has learnt so much from Toronto Hoopstars. The focus of each session is to develop the skills needed to play the game, I have seen a huge improvement in my son's ability to handle and control the ball in just a few short weeks.  Coach Adam has a lot of patience and the ability to keep a slightly distracted boy focused. My son really enjoyed himself and I believe this is the start of his love affair with basketball. 

Tamara S.

Hoopstars has been instrumental in bringing up the level of my son's skills.  Coach Adam has helped to increase my son's passion for the game and his desire to improve as a player.  The environment is positive and energetic so that kids are progressing and enjoying themselves.  Coach Adam is inspiring and his passion for basketball is contagious among the children. My son eagerly looks forward to attending training each week.  Thank you, Coach Adam for the fabulous job you do!

Ivana V.

My son plays U13 rep basketball and needed some training prior to tryouts in September.  Adam trained my son over a few private sessions.  In those sessions, he focused on fundamentals, proper footwork and key offensive tactics.  My son really appreciated Adam's coaching that he decided to register for his camp despite his busy rep basketball schedule. Adam's sessions are exceptional.  He limits class size so he can focus on teaching proper techniques to help players excel.  Most importantly, he is a great leader for the kids.  

Giselle A.

Toronto Hoopstars was an excellent experience for our son. The small group size allowed Adam Petersen and his staff to give individual instruction. Adam's insight and enthusiasm for the game raised our son's basketball skills, and he loved both the weekly skill building classes, and the summer camp. We would highly recommend Toronto Hoopstars.

John N.

Toronto Hoopstars runs a terrific program! Getting kids to accept plenty of drills as well as scrimmage is not easy, but they do it extremely well.

Ben E.

Over the last couple years, I've put my boys in various basketball programs in York Region. After trying them all I asked the boys which one they enjoyed and learned from the most, and they unanimously chose Hoopstars!

Adam has been great with my kids. He's been very thorough with his teachings. My younger son has started playing U11 rep basketball this year, and without a doubt he would not have had this level of success without Adam's help. His training, support and advice have been priceless!

Adam's attention to detail also cannot go unnoticed. He provides premium indoor basketballs and training equipment for use in his sessions, and even provides cooling fans in his summer camps to ensure his players are comfortable. The 30-minute scrimmages after the skills and drills sessions have also been very beneficial in giving my sons the opportunity to apply everything they just learned.

I would not hesitate to enroll my kids with Coach Adam and Toronto Hoopstars again. Thanks Coach!

Alessandra and David I.

Coach Adam has been such a positive influence for our daughter this year as a rookie rep basketball player.  Being her coach in the Hoopstars program, as well as her rep coach this year, we have seen her skills and confidence as a player improve by leaps and bounds due to Coach Adam’s attention to detail, patience, and hard work with her.  It’s very apparent that Coach Adam applies his expertise in everything he does – whether it be coaching on the court, communication with parents and players, sending out game plans so the girls are prepared, and encouraging team socialization and trust – a real family environment!  We highly recommend Coach Adam’s Hoopstars program for any and all who love basketball and wish to improve their game.

Ryan and Barb L.